TunnelClan cats once lived beneath the ground in a complex network of tunnels. Over time, due to floods and cave-ins, they moved to the forest/moor territory above them. The tunnels are now used simply as a place of shelter, and only a few cats venture in.

A sandy clearing bordered by brambles and trees makes up the camp, in a ThunderClan-like style. The camp is surrounded by moorland, with fingers of trees brushing the camp in places. The forest is mostly deciduous, with a fast-flowing river cutting sharply though it. A waterfall overlooks a small grassy meadow to the west, where Briarsong and Rainpaw are buried. To the north is the lake, and after that, endless snow-capped cliffs. To the west is twolegplace. East is a few farms, a railroad track, and beyond that, the ocean if a cat ventured far enough. South is just woodland, and the border between the other clans. TunnelClan shares its borders with ForestClan, LionClan, and WindClan. (Other roleplay clans)

TunnelClan cats are strong, lithe, and powerful. They respect the code to the death, but are unafraid to break it in defense of the cats they love. (Ex: Waterfire, Scar, Briarsong, Hollyflame,)

Prey of all sorts is present, even fish if one is brave enough to eat it. (Yuck!) Rabbits, birds, rodents, it all inhabits their massive territory.


Leader: Goldenstar, a white she-cat with gray stripes on her right leg and golden eyes.

Deputy: Maplebreeze, an orange tabby she-cat with a white muzzle and a white paw and green eyes. Mosstail's sister.

Medicine Cats:

Applemist, Orangy, red she cat with green eyes. Three of her paws and tail tip are brown.



Scar, a massive black and ginger tom. Heavily scarred, former rogue. (Father of Taka)

Eaglefeather, a big brown and white tom with amber eyes. (Mates with Sealeaf, father of Leafkit and Dustkit and Falconkit.)

Foxleaf, calico she-cat with green eyes. Mates with Birchwind.

Birchwind, slender brown tabby tom with ice-white eyes. Foxleaf's mate.

Webwhisker, dull white tom with extra long whiskers and fur. Light blue eyes.

Wavespark, silver tom with green eyes, brother of Splashfire.

Batwing, dark brown tom. Foxfeather's brother.

Owltalon, a dark brown tom with a cream-colored chest and muzzle. Mates with Rowanstripe. Father of Stormkit.

Foxfeather, orange and red tom with a white chest and muzzle, brother of Batwing. Mates with Mistydawn, father of Silverpaw and Ravenpaw.

Splashfire, blue she-cat with bright blue eyes. Wavespark's sister. (Currently kidnapped)

Fairytail, a small cheerful silver she-cat.

Wintercloud, a tall muscular ginger tom with emerald eyes.

Rainstream, a black tom with a hint of blue in his pelt. He has blue eyes, and a few gray muzzle hairs.

Soulreaper, a black purpleish tom with icy blue eyes and white paws.

Glitterfur, a silver she-cat and Fairytail's sister.

Sparrowfeather, a brown tom with light blue eyes. Mates with Dragonwing.

Dawnfire, a ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Wintersky, a black and white she-cat with green eyes, an exile. An All-Clans medicine cat.

Emberpool, an orange she-cat with blue eyes and white paws, tail-tip, chest, muzzle, and belly.

Willowwhisker, light gray she-cat with light green eyes.

Raingrass, a gray she-cat with a dappled pelt and blue eyes. Littermates with Stonefoot.

Stonefoot, Littermates with Raingrass.

Stormheart, a massive gray and black tom with a long scar across his face.

Shadefur, midnight black tom with yellow eyes.

Dragoncloud, black tom with blue eyes, Waterfall's sibling.

Wolfmoon, shaggy dark gray tom with grayish blue eyes. Cloudedsong's brother.

Graystone, a storm-gray tom with deep brown eyes. Formerly known as Graytail.

Storm, a dark gray tom with a black tail, paws, and ears, yellow eyes. Mates with Widow. Father of Starlingkit (Former rogue)

Lightningflame, orange and white tabby tom with a white lighting shaped mark on his forehead. Mates with Skycloud and father of Flashkit and Lightningkit.

Stormlight- gray tom with yellow eyes. Waterfall's mate.

Stonefoot, a dark gray long-furred tom with gray eyes and large paws. Raingrass's brother.

Raingrass, a dappled gray and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Rippletail- Silvery-gray female tabby with blue eyes.

Oceantwirl, silver she-cat with four white paws and white belly fur with bright blue eyes.

Ivystripe, a gray she-cat with a darker underbelly and green eyes. Mother of Snowcloud, Darksky, and Embersoul.

Grasspelt- Golden tomcat with orange eyes. Named Grasspelt because he looks like a yellow piece of grass. Moonshadow's mate. Ravenpaw's mentor.

Flowerfall- A DarkClan spy within us.

Jayflight, a dark gray tom with icy blue eyes who used to be Jayfrost. In love with Goldenstar.

Frozenbreeze, a white she-cat with lots of small silver spots. Jaywing's mate.

Maplegaze, a caramel colored she-cat with green eyes.

Rabbitfoot, a gray she-cat with a small stubby tail and short legs.

Solarblaze, a black she-cat with pinches of white on forehead, purple eyes.

Hydrasoul, black tom with two white rings on the side of his neck.

Cloverpatch, a white Maine coon tom with green eyes and a long tail. Mates with Robinwing.


Starburst, golden she-cat with green eyes.

Embersoul, a golden tabby she-cat with a white underbelly and gray eyes. Sister of Darksky. Daughter of Ivystripe.

Darksky, a dark gray tom with amber eyes. Brother of Embersoul. Son of Ivystripe.

Snowypeak, a white large she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Sunnyblossom, a golden small she-cat with white underbelly and paws. Green eyes.

Ebonysight, a black she-cat with luminous green eyes.

Skyflame, a fiery orange she-cat with blue eyes. Sister to Rainpaw and Firepaw. Son of Scar.

Blueleap, a grey tom with stormy eyes.

Shockstream, a bright yellow she-cat with blue eyes.

Dovefeather, beautiful white shecat with green eyes. Soon to be Halffoot's mate.

Dawnfall, a light brown tom.

Halffoot, a cream colored tom with darker yellow splotches. Soon to be Dovefeather's mate.

Cloudshade, a silvery white tom with one blue eye and one green.

Smokewhisper, black tom with a scarred eye and shoulder.

Scarletheart, a russet she-cat with blue eyes.

Solarblaze, black tom with blue eyes,

Rivertail, blue-gray she-cat with a fluffy tail and blue eyes.

Serpenteye, a dark golden-brown she-cat with serpent-like eyes.

Jaywing, a gray tabby tom with blue eyes. Mates with Frozenbreeze, Skycloud's brother.

Olivepool, a dark red tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, tail tip, and paws, along with bright, olive green eyes. She is the daughter of Lilywater, and has unknown siblings. Former deputy of BrookClan.


Firepaw, a flame-colored tom with dark blue eyes.

Breezepaw, black and white she-cat with gentle icy blue eyes. Sister of Splashpaw.

Splashpaw, gray tom wit blueish gray splashes and blue eyes.

Bubblepaw, small gray tom with blue eyes.

Briarpaw, a white she-cat. Mentor is Rowanstripe.

Drizzlepaw, small gray tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. Her mentor is Blazeheart.

Ivypaw, golden she-cat with startling green eyes. Former kittypet.

Sunpaw, sturdy golden tom with green eyes. Mentor is Waterfall.

Windpaw, cream tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. Mentor is Stonefoot.

Soarpaw, a brown tabby tom with lighter brown underside fur and startling green eyes. (Son of Podspark and Hawkclaw, grandkit of Oakstar)

Nightpaw, son of Waterfire.

Taka, a light brown tabby tom with a lighter underbelly and yellow eyes. Mentor is Goldenstar.

Cinderpaw, a gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. Mentor is Webwhisker.

Violetpaw, a black and white she-cat with golden eyes. Mentor is Scar.

Graypaw, gray long-furred tom with yellow eyes.

Phoenixpaw, dark orange tom with a brown pattern on his pelt. Golden eyes, black claws. Mentor is Soulreaper.

Rainpaw, silver she cat with black and white patterns covering her body. Indigo eyes.

Hyenapaw, basically looks like a hyena.

Turtlepaw, small black she-cat with white tail tip and deep green eyes. Mentor is Cloudshade.

Seedpaw, a pale ginger she-cat with faint, darker dapples across her back, and a white chest, tail-tip, and paws. She has pale green eyes, and her mentor is Wintersky.

Rosepaw, dark red/brown she-cat with dark green eyes. Mentor is Goldenstar.

Ravenpaw, Mentor is Grasspelt.

Silverpaw, Mentor is Soarstripe.


Sealeaf, a sandy brown tabby she-cat with eyes the color of the ocean. Mates with Eaglefeather and mother of Falconkit, light brown she-kit with amber eyes, and Dustkit, a light brown tabby tom with a white chest, muzzle, belly, and paws. Has green eyes.

Dragonwing, black she-cat with deep green eyes. Mates with Sparrowfeather. Mother of Spiritkit, silver she-cat with green eyes and Griffinkit, a brown tabby tom with blue eyes.

Hollystripe, a black she-cat with green eyes. Sister of Ivystripe, mate of Lightheart. Mother of Lionkit,

Sparrowkit, and Moonkit.

Widow, a black she-cat. Sister of Blazeheart, mate of Storm, granddaughter of Oakstar. Mates with Storm, mother of Starlingkit, an almost black gray she-cat with bright yellow eyes.

Waterfall, gray she-cat with amber eyes. Mates with Stormlight. Mother of Lightkit, a dark gray tom with blue eyes and Crystalkit, a silver she-cat with green eyes. NOW MOTHER OF TWELVE KITS: Plumkit, small light brown she-cat with seemingly purple eyes; Runningkit, wiry white tom with large brown spots; Shellkit", gray she cat with yellow eyes and white tail tip and belly; Pinekit; Riverkit; Horizon; Leaf;

Mistydawn, blue-gray she-cat with a white underbelly and blue eyes. Mates with Foxfeather, mother of Ravenkit, an all black she-cat with amber eyes; and Silverkit, an all silver she-cat with blue eyes.

Rowanstripe, ginger she-cat with white paws, mother of Stormkit, mottled gray tom with amber eyes; Flamekit; Cherrykit; and Bilzzardkit.

Skycloud, a whitish-gray she-cat with bright green eyes, sister of Jaywing, mate of Lightningflame, and mother of Flashkit, a dark ginger tom with white paws and chest; and Lightningkit, a yellow/orange she-cat with with white paws and chest.

Moonshadow, black she-cat with white paws and a white stomach and a white face. Grasspelt's mate. Mother of Lionkit, a golden tomcat with orange eyes and white tail tip and belly; and Colorkit, a black, gold, and white she cat with an orange eye and a blue eye.


Whitekit, white tom with blue eyes.

Storm, light grey tabby tom with pale blue eyes. (Son of Podspark and Red)

Jay, brown, grey, and white tom with amber eyes. (Son of Podspark and Red)

Hail, white she-cat with brown speckles and icy blue eyes, (Daughter of Podspark and Red)

Pine, a brown she-Kit with green eyes. Her parents left the clan with her brother, but she escaped from them and is staying. Daughter of Loveheart and Swirl. Sister of Thorn.

Oddkit, black she-kit with a white underbelly. She has one orange eye, and one blue eye.

Skykit, gray and white she-kit with blue eyes. Sister of Beetlekit.

Beetlekit, brown and gray she-kit with green eyes. Sister of Skykit.

Ocean, blue she-cat with blue eyes. Sister to Splash and Bee.

Bee, yellow Tom with black stripes. Golden eyes. Brother to Ocean and Splash.

Splash, white and black she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. Sister to Ocean and Bee.

Cinderkit, a cute fluffy light gray she-cat with magnificent crystal blue eyes with golden rings around them.

Rabbitkit, small she-cat with short gray/white fur.

Bananakit, a white tom with brown eyes.

Sparkkit, a ginger she-cat with a white paw and green eyes.

Willowkit, a gray tabby she-cat with a white belly, chest, and paws.

Ashkit, a dull red she-cat with dark gray paws and green eyes.

Flamekit, a small flame-colored tom with a smexy mane, long fangs, green eyes, and huge claws.

Coyotekit, a handsome tom with golden-brown fur and two warm blue eyes.


Oakstar, a strong brown tom with lighter underbelly fur and kind green eyes. Retired when he became to old to serve his clan properly. Grandfather of Blazeheart and Widow, Great-grandfather of Starlingkit.

Hailstorm, a gray tom with green eyes. His belly, tail tip, and 3 pass are black. Dad of Dovefeather.


Leader(s): 1

Deputy(ies): 1

Medicine Cats: 2

Warriors/Queens: 68

Apprentices: 25

Kittens: 26


*I did my best to list all the warriors of our active members. Family relations may be accidentally omitted. Feel free to edit your cat's description or add an roleplay to this page.

**Apprentices without a mentor listed either don't have one or have not told me theirs.

***May not be entirely accurate as of yet.

Note: This page does not list the rp of every member, as some only come on once a week and I haven't gotten a chance to ask them. Please understand that as ranks change quickly, things may not be accurate for a few days. :)

Note #2: This is NOT accurate. We stopped editing for some reason.

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