Any recent promotions or awards given to a certain member will be logged here. (Lily (Eowyn) and Goldie will delete and update this page regularly)


Silver and Pina are back! Yippee!

Hyrdrasoul joined the Clan.

New Warriors! Sunblaze, Jaywing, Mosstail, Maplewing, Snowcloud, Embersoul, and Darksky!

Blazeheart had five kittens!

Welcome Stallionpaw & Hyenapaw

Welcome Dawnfall and Halffoot.

Blazeheart left the clan!

Squirrelkit is Co-Leader! Congratulations!

Goldenstar lost her 1st life from a rogue named Wolf!

Congratulations to Maplebreeze on becoming Deputy!  :D

Stonepelt has been murdered by Tigerfang. Mockingjay has disappeared, and it is unknown if she is still alive.

Dawnfire, Starlit, and Streamheart have died.

Several members left to make a clan called BrookClan.

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