We've Moved!

Hello! Although the rules for this wiki are still up, we've moved to a different wiki! Most of this wiki's information (with the exception of the Social Links page) is no longer relevant to TunnelClan, and we thought it's time to start fresh (Plus we don't want to have to go back and fix all of our old pages, because we're lazy :P). The new wiki is here: Official TunnelClan Wiki[1]

This wiki will remain in existence for the time being until we can move all of the relevant info still on this wiki to the new one! (And it will probably be up for longer than that since I don't know how to delete wikis.)

TunnelClan is now on Instagram at TunnelClan _ Warriors (Or something like that.)

Please read these rules first before going anywhere else on the wiki! (Or skip them.)

  1. Do not curse, swear, or talk about any inappropriate subjects on this wiki.
  2. Do not edit an article on another's character unless you need to fix some spelling/punctuation errors or have new information.
  3. When creating a Fandom account to use on this wiki, please name yourself after your Clash of Clans username if you are a TunnelClan member so you can be promoted to Staff. (Violated by everyone except Athena.)
  4. When creating an article, always click the drop-down arrow next to Edit and click Protect, then click the Administrators and Content Moderators only button. This is to ensure that only actual TunnelClan members can edit articles and add new information.
  5. Do not create any biased articles. (Violated by Skyfire..)
  6. Write or edit articles in third person or first person if you need to be specific.
  7. When writing articles, editing articles, or chatting, please speak in English as it is the main language of most members of TunnelClan.
  8. Use correct grammar and punctuation in articles. Make sure to always check for spelling and punctuation errors in articles so they can be better understood!
  9. If you have joined Fandom recently, please leave a message on a Staff member's Message Wall so we can confirm if you are a legitimate TunnelClan member or not.
  10. The Staff will vote on new rules and articles to add. (Violated by everyone.)
  11. Do not delete any articles until you have discussed it with a Staff member first. The Staff and the Staff alone shall decide whether an article should be deleted or not! (Violated by Eowyn)
  12. Do not create any articles on roleplay characters unless they have shaped the Clan's history in some way. All characters that were leaders in roleplay should have an article, and so should medicine cats and deputies!
  13. You may create a single page to list your most important characters and their stories!
  14. Do not add joke categories. This is supposed to be an organized wiki! (This rule is particularly directed toward Skyfire & Eowyn) (Violated by them.)
  15. Do not create unnecessary pages or they will be removed. (Violated by Skyfire and Eowyn)
  16. FOLLOW THESE RULES and have fun :) (Violated by the above.)

Also, you can check out TunnelClan on Clash of Clans if you want!

Enjoy yourself here, and have a nice day! :)


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